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Supplier of down-hole tools and services within Well Completion and Well Intervention

Recognized as a leading R&D specialist outfitted with state-of-the-art prototype equipment and testing facilities within development of down-hole tools.

CTR is a Norwegian oil- and gas service company founded in 2003 specialized in Design, Manufacturing, Testing and Installation of Well Completion and Well Intervention products

​After more than a decade of research and development, CTR has created a portfolio of high quality products such as:

Monobore Completion System tested based on the requirement of ISO 14310 V0 with well proven and successful installation track record.


Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve tested based on API 14A requirement with well proven and successful installation track record.

Packers and Straddle Assemblies with associated Running and Pulling tools for Well Intervention Services.

Monobore Completion System Run 1 (Liner System)

CTR delivers complete tools with accessories and installation services, and CTR field engineers will ensure that the projects are performed according to client´s expectations.



By recognizing the current limitations and challenges faced by existing systems, CTR believes that the intervention tools and services represent a major addition to the portfolio available to CTR customers.


CTR has an experienced engineering department where the main skills are mechanical design and engineering, and CTR is continually investing in development of innovative technologies and products.




CTR has established in-house CNC-machining, assembling and testing facilities.


The high quality machines combined with a qualified staff enable CTR to execute tasks at a very high level of precision and quality.




CTR offers experienced field personnel and technical staff to support all actual operations. CTR field engineers are located in various locations in Europe and Middle East.


2019 February

CTR was prequalified by TOTAL S.A. for supplying Downhole Completion Products and Services globally.


2013 February


CTR has received a Norwegian patent for the Disappearing Plug System. The DPS applications can be as a temporary or permanent barrier run in conjunction with completion operations. 


This facilitates pressure testing the tubing string

during running and to set the production packer without having to run any form of plug system below the Packer. 



Completion Technology Resources attended the ADIPEC 2013 exhibition in UAE. 



Completion Technology Resources is looking for candidates in the following categories:

Ref 011: Liner Hanger Supervisor

Ref 012: Completion Engineer

Ref 014: Mechanical Engineer

Ref 015: Design Engineer




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