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In february 2013 we received a Norwegian Patent for the Disappearing Plug System


A temporary or permanent barrier run in conjunction with completion operations.


Allowing the tubing string to be pressure tested during running and to set the production packer without having to run any form of plug system below the Packer.




Tool length: 43.150 inch / 1096 mm                          Maximum OD: 6.200 inch / 157.5 mm                     Bore ID: 4.670 inch / 118.6 mm 






The Disappearing Plug System can also be used with Retrievable Bridge plugs as an Equalizing Device.


Investments in development of innovative technologies and products and improvement of the existing tools.



Continuous or Intermittent  chemical injection.







Simple Design with long operation life.



The MetalPack can be used on Straddles to make the ID of the Straddle larger than conventional seal systems allows.  

The MetalPack system can be made in a wide range of materials and can be made in any size.



MetalPack Seal Element (Patented) is a Metal to Metal HP/HT Seal for Packers and Bridge Plugs.




The flow operated lost in hole finder (LIHF) is used to find and retrieve down hole tools lost or left in the wellbore.


The LIH finder is designed to pass the restricted areas and be activated by circulating the flow below the bottle necks. It gets engaged with the external fish neck of the undesired object in the wellbore and retrieves it.

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