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CTR Supplies a number of different models of Safety Valves like Tubing Retrievable and Wireline Retrievable Valves.

The Valves can be delivered in standard material and in High Nickel Chrome alloys like 718 and 925 Inconel.

Our  Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve along with the 6 inch Wireline Retrievable Valve (3SV) has been tested based on API 14A requirement with well proven and successful installation track record.


The CTR's Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valve (TRSCSSSV) is piston rod activated flapper-type safety valve which is designed to shut in a well at a point below the surface.

The valve is held open by hydraulic control pressure and remains open until the control-line pressure is exhausted. The hydraulic control pressure is transmitted from a remote location through a single control line to operate the valve.

CTR also supply’s all the needed accessories to run the valves including the Control lines and control line protectors and

CTR`s own Control Line Spooling unit that has all the needed test pumps and recording devices integrated into the unit. 

TRSCSSSV Features:

Optimized geometry and reliable curved flapper metal-to-metal seal.

Heavy duty double torsion spring ensures the valve closing.

Metal-to-metal static seal in the open and closed positions Wiper ring on the piston rod protects the dynamic seals.

Optimal geometry and clearance between sliding components.

Integrated lockout mechanism.

Shock absorber protects internal parts from slam closure.

Metal-to-metal flow tube seating isolate components during well production.

Available in Self Equalizing and None Equalizing types.

Inverted dual – ferrule control line connection.

Tested successfully as per industry standard.

Designed and tested in industry common sizes.


CTR supplies several types of Production Packers, Wireline set, Hydraulic Set and Pipe Conveyed Packers.

For the 7 inch CTR Wireline Set Packer we have an ISO V0. Gas test to 220 Deg. C and 1000 Bar differential Pressure witnessed by DNV.  

CTR also have done fixed volume dynamic ISO V0. Stroke testing on our Seal Stems/ PBR`s.

CTR can supply Production Packers from 4 ½ inch to 10 ¾ inch along with all the required accessories. 


CTR supplies a wide range of Flow Control Equipment, Non Elastomeric Sliding Side Door (SSD) Nipple Profiles

and Nipple Plugs along with running / Pulling tools along with all the required accessories.

CTR Sliding Sleeves

CTR manufactures the equipment in house and can supply the equipment in High Nickel Chrome alloys, SS or standard Carbon steel. 

CTR Blanking Plugs

We also supply HPHT versions of the equipment and Stainless Steel running equipment.


CTR has introduced the ORC (One Run Completion) into the market and successfully run the system in the Middle East on Gas Wells with High Flow Rate.


The ORC is a new method of completing the wells with Monobore production string, which is developed and after successful surface test installed in gas wells.

All pressure tests after installation were satisfactory.

The ORC System enables the operator to run the Liner Top Packer and the Complete Tie Back in one run, this will give a

time saving of 36 + hours  when running the completion.

Also the seals on the Tie Back Seal Stem will be protected when running into the well.

ORC Features:


The seal stem is not bare while running in hole and the seals are not subject to any damage.

Extreme drag in highly deviated wells can not misguide the space out.

The ORC eliminates the requirement of repeating the space out.

There is less concern with the well safety.

It eliminates running the work string for running the packer and the well remains clean of drill pipe dope and flakes.

It saves minimum 2 days of rig time.

The System gives the operator a fixed reference point for the space out without having to stab the system in and out for finding the locator point.


CTR’s Tie Back Production Packer is a high performance permanent production packer covering the standard operating envelope.

The packer has successfully passed the ISO 14310 test at V0 level.

The Packer utilizes a single element and full circle hold down slips covering the variety of casing sizes.  


Tie Back Production Packer Features:


Available with Bottom set or Top set mechanism.

Premium Connection between the packer and the Polished Bore Receptacle.

Full circle slips minimizes the opposed load to the supporting casing.

Large bore through mandrel and no restriction thru the packer ID.

Combined with 3 sets of 10 Kpsi Seal Stack on the lower seal stem.

Meets ISO 14310 V0 Standard.

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