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To enhance further CTR's in-house capabilities, a CNC Machining Department was established in 2006 and has continued to grow requiring the constant additional investment in modern equipment.


CTR Machining Department

2 each Viper VT30 CNC lathes

2 each Mazak and one DMG CNC lathe

2 each CNC milling Machines along with a range of

conventional machinery

We have the ability to give our parts Nitrite and phosphate surface treatment to prevent corrosion.


Our products are intelligently designed, offering low maintenance and weight, and encompass premium technology and cost effectiveness. 

We are using modern design software that enables us to create accurate 3D digital prototypes making it possible to validate design and engineering data during the design process.  

CTR Engineering Department

CTR products incorporate the highest technical demands and are designed to comply with specified industry standards.


Our design engineers follow the design process thoroughly from the idea to the final product.

 A close cooperation with Customer is of particular importance throughout the entire development process in order to satisfy all Customer’s specific needs and requirements.

CTR Spirolizer

We are continually improving our tools receiving the valuable feedback from machining and operational departments and customers.




We deliver complete tools with accessories and installation services and 

our field engineers will ensure that the projects are performed according to client´s expectations.



The Well Intervention Department is focusing on enhancing the wells performances and providing work over solutions in a safe and economically beneficial manner.

Most products can be deployed on several service lines ranging from Slickline, Electric Line, Well Tractor, Coiled Tubing and Snubbing Unit.

CTR Well Intervention Department

By using CTR's wide experience and skilled organization, the Well Intervention Department can offer a comprehensive range of products and services for cost-effective operations.

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